We strive to guide, educate, and support our clients to the best of our abilities with the knowledge and experiences we have gained since we entered the fitness industry in 1998. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing in our clients’ successes. Many have improved their health, fitness, and/or performance. Others have reduced stress, weight, blood pressure, etc. Many have returned from injury, and others have experienced unexpected benefits that have improved the quality of their life!
We congratulate them on their successes, and thank them for inviting us to join them on their journey.
Here are some testimonials from clients, both past and present, and from associates.

  • General Endorsements

    "When we started, I was looking for consistency and motivation to stay on track to improving my physical fitness. Well, I scored even better than that – after 18 months of working together, not only am I stronger, in better shape, with a greatly improved golf game, I gained a friend as well. Your sense of humour makes the sessions go quickly and gives me another reason for dragging myself in so early in the morning. Thanks so much for helping me toward my goals" Deborah S

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      "I would like to let everyone know that the strict regimental exercise program that Dom set up for me is great. She pays close attention and is very particular about her clients’ needs and wants. Dom is knowledgeable about her profession and her willingness to help her clients is unfounded. She is professional, courteous and flexible on scheduling a training session. Dom understands that your time and her time are valuable. I would like to thank Dom for all her enthusiasm and energy during our sessions. " Dave

      "Hi Dominique:

      Professionalism (punctual, reliable, discretion, manner): Excellent! You are always conscientious of time and respectful of all your clients. You maintain a sense of humour but don't cross the line. You are prepared for each session (with a back-up plan if need be). You pass along humorous anecdotes but never reveal anything that may be embarrassing for someone.
      Knowledgeable: Your experience and knowledge of the human body and human spirit is evident in my progress and in the attention to detail that you bring to our work.
      Continuous Improvement: I feel that I am moving forward yet it is subtle and steady. Another indication of your experience and knowledge.
      Communication skills: I know what is expected of me and how to perform the exercise. I understand the purpose and muscle group involved. Schedules are communicated in advance. I've learned so much about how my body actually works. Personalization and Flexibility: You have worked out a plan to fit with my abilities. When I have been injured you adjusted the sessions to facilitate healing as well as working with a long term perspective by adding exercises to strengthen the affected areas (wrist, ankle, lower back). If need be, changes and adjustments are made on the spot to still achieve the desired goal.
      People skills: You have a wonderful sense of humour and sense of fun. Not to say that you do not take your responsibilities seriously because you do. We have fun yet focus on the job we are there for. You are always in a positive frame of mind. You know if I've had a challenging day and allow me to get "into" our sessions when necessary.
      I'd like to take a bit more time to put together a testimonial. I truly enjoy our sessions and cannot believe the difference in my strength and confidence. My back only gives me the very slightest twinge now and then (too much stationery desk work or driving). Focus on stretching and my t.a.'s and it's all good. Thank you so much." Elizabeth S

      "Are you really sure you want me to say anything?
      The comment I want to say:
      Mean lady! She's crazy! Run! Run for your lives and don't look back!

      The comment you want to hear: Dominique has been an amazing influence in my life. She has proved herself to be flexible and knowledgeable. My recovery from major surgery was speeded and made considerably more fun thanks to her tireless efforts. Her sense of humour and fun makes workouts go by so quickly that I am almost sad to see them end. She has become a true friend, who I call upon in my times of need. I would recommend that everyone sign up for a session or two with Dominique.
      Upon sober second thought, I think the above should read:
      Dominique has been an amazing(ly negative) influence in my life. She has proved herself to be flexible and knowledgeable (and her idea of how flexible I should be is crazy! I mean, who can actually bend like that? Do I look like a Cirque de Soleil performer? - No comments about my pants allowed.) My recovery from major surgery was speeded and made considerably more fun (if by fun you mean . . .) thanks to her tireless (and insane) efforts. Her (twisted) sense of humour and (warped sense of) fun makes workouts go by so (Slowly) that I (think they will never) end. She has become (my mortal enemy), who I (plot to overthrow and bring an end to her dominion). I would (not) recommend that everyone (run away as fast as their little legs can carry them away from) Dominique." Deanna T

      "Dominique worked with me at the Parkview Club in Toronto for a two-year period ending in October 2003, when she moved to Ottawa for her studies.
      I found Dominique to be a very effective trainer. She approached the task in a highly professional manner. She listened to my objectives and designed a program that met all my requirements. She regularly followed-up progress without being over-bearing (which can be easy to do). She adjusted the program as required, based on my feedback.
      Dominique not only showed me what to do, but also explained the importance of technique in such a way that I could understand and use the workouts to maximum effect.
      I would recommend her work to anyone. " David B

      "Seriously Dom,
      I know you know that I am very happy with our sessions. Because of you, I have been able to attain all of the goals that I had set when we first met, and I have made going to the gym and fitness a part of my everyday life again. Those first few sessions I thought I was going to die, but with your faith in me, and encouragement I have been able to change my lifestyle for the better. Your motivation is subtle but it does get the point across. You actually listen when people talk...I know this because you were able to understand early on how important my flexibility was to me, and so you included stretching as part of my programs, a little thing, but to me very important. I know when I mention something to you; you are not just going through the motions of pretending to listen, and setting out a program that is a carbon copy of someone else's. I have nothing but positive things to say...I enjoy the fact that you seem to love what you do for a living, and always bring a positive outlook to every session. I am someone that likes to observe people, and I see the way your clients are when they're with you....you make them feel at ease, and feel good about themselves which makes them want to give that little extra. I love our sessions, and know the time you put into preparing for them. The amazing thing is that through all of this you have also become a very good friend and that has been an unexpected added bonus. I know that I was ready to come back to the gym this time, and I was ready to make a change in my life, I'm thankful that you were able to make it a reality. I realize that during a feedback you are always looking for faults that can be corrected, I'm sorry I can't find them.
      Thanks again for all you have done and know it's always appreciated.
      P.S. When do I get to take that string off from around my waist? " Mark H

      "Dominique, Sorry to see you go. I hope your future brings many more achievements and successes. Many thanks for getting me started on the road to fitness. I just want to tell you that you have made a big difference in my life. " Donna K

      "Hi Dom,
      When, I returned to Canada after 7 years of sedentary life abroad, I looked to gym workouts as a major component of a plan to lose 30 pounds and return to a reasonable level of fitness. I was able to draw on practice and attitude from previous lives in Martial Arts and other athletics to get a good part of the way, but what worked in my younger years proved to not be entirely effective now and I was spending an incredible amount of time in gyms...largely injuring myself. I enquired about personal training on a few occasions with the goal of improving the efficiency and direction of my programs so that I could continue to make healthy progress while having a practical need for an address outside of the gym. I began to lose faith in PTs after meeting with a string of what I call “Kids trying to kill me”...i.e....early career trainers providing a path to my goals that was unsustainable, far too ambitious and continued to result in injury. My goal was also becoming a moving target as North American cuisine and the convenience of fast food (i.e. Wendy’s next door to the gym) were becoming a creeping detriment to my efforts.
      For the past year, I have modified my workout only by your advice and it has worked out incredibly well. The outcome of your flexibility assessment was very valuable. The programs that you developed for core strength and stability are measurably effective and progressive. The benefits of these core strength and stability workouts have extended to sports and cardio-vascular training...enabling me to make more progress and draw more benefit in those areas as well. Your assessment of when participation of a trainer is/is not required has given me the flexibility to work out “when I can”...enabling me to stick to a program with necessary consistency despite a variable workout schedule. My number of days per week at the gym is cut in half, I continue to eat too much Wendy’s, and yet I continue to make regular measurable progress towards my goals. This is exactly the type of improvement in efficiency and sustainability that I wanted to make to my programs and the impact that you had on my overall progress and direction met/far exceeded my expectation.
      Thanks for everything, Dom. Training with you has been a pleasure. Best of luck in your new position " Greg

      "Dominique makes my workouts fun, and pushes me harder than I would push myself" Annelise

      "Dominique is a perfect trainer for those who hate exercising – she provides stimulation, support and a supply of amusing moments" Carol

      "I really enjoyed all aspects of your program. I felt I learned a lot and I know there is so much more I could do now to improve my squash game." Shannon

      "Dominique makes my workouts fun! She also has a good awareness of muscle physiology and mechanics. " Jane

      "Dominique is crazy! " Tim

      "I was definitely not a model student :=) ... but I did pick up good techniques from you. I liked the fact that you corrected my technique as well as gave me a full explanation of what the impacts would be, how to know when to stop or when I was doing it wrong. When I followed the training schedule regularly, I noticed that my strength went up really quick, thanks to your constant pushing! I didn't think that I could improve that quickly but you forced me to. That was great!
      Finally, I really enjoyed chatting with you. You were fun, which helped to make those torturous sessions much more enjoyable." Linh B

      "My feedback for the training is that you have delivered on making this fun, creative and individual for me. I have needed special attention on my knee and you did not hesitate to change the program for that. I find you flexible when things in life can change so quickly at work or in health. You have always been willing to cancel an appointment if needed. You are encouraging, when I am down and feel I just can't pump any more out. You are creative in the way you can put programs together to see what will work with me. All in all my toning has improved and I am very happy with the results." Elena G

      "I really appreciate the work that you did in helping me build my strength and learn how to stretch properly in preparation for my triathlon goals. It has really worked - my biking, swimming and running have all improved and I don’t have the same problems with my muscles tightening due to the stretching routines." Doug H

      "Thanks so very much Dominique, you’re a great trainer, I really appreciate all your great advice. I have learned so much, see you around the gym." Barb M

  • Post-Rehab Related Endorsements

    "When I started working with Dominique, I was facing quite profound problems as a consequence of the injuries caused when I was hit by a car. I had surgery at the time but it was almost 25 years later that I got a hip replacement. By this time, my leg had become quite weak and the range of motion was very limited despite adhering to a regular fitness program and many consultations with physios and chiropractors.
    When I started working with Dominique, she immediately understood the problems - really outshining the other therapists in her quick appraisal of the mechanical problems. She came up with ideas and exercises that made more of a difference in one year than the programs I've been following for the last 10. What kind of a difference did it make? Lie down on the floor on your back. Lift your foot and leg off the ground (after first engaging your abdominals!), straight knee or bent, doesn't matter. Easy? I have not been able to lift my leg off of the ground from the lying down position without a sling and pulley since the original injury - now almost 30 years ago. This year we progressed from practically not being able to prevent it from falling onto the ground after it was lifted by someone else to being able to lift it up unassisted. That's just one of the big changes that happened because of Dominique. She is a joy to work with, has a quirky sense of humour (you can find out for yourself) and I have incredible confidence in her good judgement. Maybe I should mention that I'm a doctor? Trust me (and you should always trust your doctor) when I say that her knowledge of physiology, tissue repair, biomechanics and anatomy are outstanding. I could not recommend Dominique's services more highly. " Maura M

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      "I started training with Dominique in March of 2006. The three months prior to this, I had been totally incapacitated with a neck injury. I was apprehensive about entering an exercise regime because I feared doing the wrong thing and re-injuring myself. I am so grateful to have found Dominique! She has a special expertise in the field of spine/neck and she has my complete trust. Dominique is always professional; prompt with sessions; attentive; encouraging; and I am very impressed by her knowledge of the body and its workings.
      Many thanks, Dominique! " Pamela H

      "Dear Dominique, I would like to thank you for your ongoing efforts in establishing and managing my training program. Prior to starting with you last September, I was having a lot of lower back pain likely due to poor posture and bending a lot at work. My cardiovascular fitness was less than ideal as well. Under your guidance, I have established a training program that suits my schedule and I have noticed a really significant difference in just the few months we have been working together. I am feeling great as a result of regular exercise - my back pain has resolved and my wife notes that my posture has improved significantly. I have noticed a big difference in my exercise capacity as well. It is easy to find excuses to avoid regular exercise but with you as a trainer checking up on me on a regular basis, I think I am more likely to stay with a program. Also, you have been able to adapt my program to my equipment that I have at home and this has added greatly to the ease and convenience of training.
      Thanks a lot for all your help,
      Best regards,
      " Paul H., MD

      "I have noticed a lot of improvements in my muscle tone since I started working out with you - in my upper body in particular - and am pleased with the results. More importantly, working with you has helped me get rid of what used to be chronic shoulder pain. I have a lot of respect for your qualifications, approach as a trainer, and really enjoy the rapport we have developed." Heather

      "Due to Dominique’s extensive knowledge and experience, I feel very fortunate to have had her help with my exercise regime. Having suffered several injuries, it was important for me to have Dominique’s professionalism and caring to teach me how to use the gym and its facilities responsibly and effectively to regain some strength to certain areas of my body without re-injuring myself. With a very friendly, positive attitude, I looked forward to meeting for our sessions each week knowing that I would be in very capable hands. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her skills and technique to anyone who wishes to improve their physical well-being. Thank you Dominique, it's been a pleasure!" Catherine W.

      "Working out with Dominique was a great experience, not only did she help me reach my goals, but also she got me back to where I was before my accident. She truly knows her science about bodybuilding. The plus side for her is that she is creative and thinks outside the box to make your workout fun, challenging and efficient! I would recommend her anytime." Dominic D.

  • Weight Loss and Fitness Endorsements

    "I have spent a lifetime battling my weight. Through two children and a busy career, my weight slowly crept up to almost 200 lbs.! On my 40th birthday, I decided it was time to do something and began weight-watchers as well as personal training. I have never been athletic, and hated both cardio workouts as well as weight training. Over 1.25 year, I lost 50lbs and have since maintained that weight off for more than 6 months. The personal training sessions have been THE reason that I have been able to maintain my weight and improve my physical strength and look - all of the loose flab came off with Dominique's help! To top it off, many pain areas such as sore neck and shoulders actually came from bad posture and very weak muscles in certain areas. Dominique's training sessions have worked better than any chiropractor has or massage therapist has. Through spot training of various areas, virtually all of those problems have disappeared! It has changed my outlook on myself and made me feel totally awesome about myself!" Miriam T.

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      "I first met my Personal Trainer Dominique Keuthen through my wife who is also one of Dominique's clients. At the time, I was extremely out of shape, and had not been to the gym in over 10 years. I have always understood the importance of regular exercise, but could not get motivated to do it on my own. Like a lot of other people, I had started exercise routines a number of times and after a few weeks found various reasons to stop them. I was a bit sceptical about seeing a personal trainer, but decided to meet with Dominique anyway. Right from that first visit, I felt very comfortable talking with her about my goals, and was very impressed with her evaluation of my needs. I had initially intended to meet with Dominique twice a week for 10 weeks, just to have her set up an exercise program, and teach me the correct methods of using the exercise equipment. After these 20 sessions, I was so impressed with Dominique, my results, and the way I was feeling, that it's now 9 months later, and we're still meeting twice a week.
      Dominique has been amazingly flexible with her time, and has worked very hard to develop programs that meet my needs. Through her programs, she has guided me to a significantly improved fitness level, and an overall healthier lifestyle. I think the most amazing thing about Dominique is how she can make every session an upbeat, fun experience. Through Dominique, I have lost over 30 pounds, dropped a couple of pant sizes and started to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle again. Dominique has made personal fitness a part of my everyday life and I love it." Mark H.

  • Professional Endorsements

    "I truly believe that fitness is an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle. I also believe that if you want to maximize your chiropractic treatments, it would be to your advantage to meet with Dominique. Her customized programs are designed to complement your treatments, address your needs and help you reach your goals.”" Vikas D., D.C.

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      "Having worked in the fitness industry since 1997, I have seen many different styles of trainers. What makes Dominique stand out is her professionalism and level of knowledge. Dominique is the epitome of a professional trainer, not just a personal trainer. Her thorough assessments and program designs are unique and results oriented. Her dedication, organization and attention to detail, along with her humour and experience, make Dominique a wonderful trainer to work with." Connie B. (CSCS, CFP Pro Trainer)

      "Dominique is a true professional in her field and possesses many admirable qualities. Her problem-solving skills combined with years of experience and education allow her to provide razor-sharp assessments of clients’ needs, appropriate and customized programs tailored to meet the specific yet varied goals of her clients, and consistent and relevant review and follow up to ensure her clients are achieving expected results. Addressing her personal traits, Dominique is motivating, empathetic, encouraging and supportive, yet firm, she develops excellent rapport with her clients and she “listens”. I myself have turned to Dominique on various fitness-related issues, and am a stronger and healthier person and better trainer as a result." Cheryl R. (Certified Personal Trainer)